Biosorbents for Metal Ions

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The biomass of each strain was then immobilized separately using calcium alginate. This process resulted in beads which were dried at 70 oC.

Biosorption of heavy metals by lignocellulosic biomass and chemical analysis :: BioResources

This improved their mechanical properties. Three biosorbents were prepared from Bacillus sp. From Candida sp. Removal of cadmium, lead, nickel and zinc ions was studied for batch and continuous flow process. FTIR analysis showed that the functional groups like hydroxyl, carboxyl, amines, amides and alcohol were mainly involved in the binding of metal ions on the biosorbent.

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The SEM micrographs revealed changes in the surface morphology of the biosorbents. After the biosorption of heavy metal ions cavities and fissions appeared showing adsorption of heavy metals ions.

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Among these four biosorbents the IBSB showed the better performance for the removal of cadmium ions with maximum biosorption capacity of The significance of different parameters for the biosorption process of cadmium ions was analyzed using ANOVA analysis of variance. Among the three biosorbents tested IBSB showed the highest efficiency with maximum biosorption capacity of Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions.

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Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Bioaccumulation is an active metabolic process driven by energy from a living organism and requires respiration.

Biosorbents for Metal Ions

In terms of environmental remediation, biosorption is preferable to bioaccumulation because it occurs at a faster rate and can produce higher concentrations. Since biosorption is determined by equilibrium, it is largely influenced by pH , the concentration of biomass and the interaction between different metallic ions.

Characterization of a multi-metal binding biosorbent: Chemical modification and desorption studies

For example, in a study on the removal of pentachlorophenol PCP using different strains of fungal biomass, as the pH changed from low pH to high pH acidic to basic the amount of removal decreased by the majority of the strains, however one strain was unaffected by the change. Even though the term biosorption may be relatively new, it has been put to use in many applications for a long time.

One very widely known use of biosorption is seen in activated carbon filters. They can filter air and water by allowing contaminants to bind to their incredibly porous and high surface area structure. The structure of the activated carbon is generated as the result of charcoal being treated with oxygen.

Biosorption of heavy metals by lignocellulosic biomass and chemical analysis

It is made by carbon sequestration , which uses the opposite technique as for creating activated carbon. It is made by heating biomass in the absence of oxygen. The two filters allow for biosorption of different types of contaminants due to their chemical compositions—one with infused oxygen and the other without. Many industrial effluents contain toxic metals that must be removed.

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  • Removal can be accomplished with biosorption techniques. It is an alternative to using man-made ion-exchange resins , which cost ten times more than biosorbents. Industrious biosorption is often done by using sorption columns as seen in Figure 1. Effluent containing heavy metal ions is fed into a column from the top.

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    • Biosorbents for Metal Ions Biosorbents for Metal Ions
      Biosorbents for Metal Ions Biosorbents for Metal Ions
      Biosorbents for Metal Ions Biosorbents for Metal Ions
      Biosorbents for Metal Ions Biosorbents for Metal Ions
      Biosorbents for Metal Ions Biosorbents for Metal Ions

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