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Free Clean -- Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ab

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No notes for slide. Book Appearances 4. You just clipped your first slide! Today is the last day of detox. My boyfriend called me a radiant, beautiful, and joyous bundle of energy. THAT right there folks, is the most amazing compliment I have ever received. Oh joy. I have traveled the world for the past 30 years of my life, and my mind, body, and soul have never experienced such a wonderful and enlightening journey as this one.

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The journey had its share of rocky roads, but I would have endured much, much more to experience the LIFE I feel right now. The destination you all have in mind is such a wonderful place to be! The single most important resource that keeps me strong when on the Clean Program is the practice of mindfulness.

Clean is a powerful tool of mindfulness training. Food is life, and the way we take our food reflects our take on life. So much of ourselves is manifested in the way we approach the plate. With Clean, I am invited to approach each meal with attention and moderation, with gratitude and respect, with a mind aware of the grand picture—of our privileges and the global injustices—while totally dedicated to savoring the food that gives me energy and life.

With Clean, the time and energy that are freed from obsessing about food can now be spent exercising the mind to stay in the moment, and to learn to deeply and joyfully live it—to the tiny bite. Eating becomes an important, almost solemn, activity. As such, it makes sense to start it with a deep breath, a little bow, and a smile.

By doing so—along with eating—it is my whole attitude toward life that I am training. I bet that you can bring yourself to ban self-indulgence, overconfidence, and wastefulness in your life if you learn to eliminate these evils from the way you eat. During Clean, you unclutter your body and mind. The found lightness is a terrific gift especially to a humble martial arts student like myself that enables me to find my center, and to stay centered in body and mind. Not to mention that my enhanced supply of patience, restraint, discipline, and concentration allows me to efficiently and successfully steel my resolve in any task I have before me including staying on Clean!

Hi fellow Cleaners—For those of you just starting or contemplating starting, I want to give you a glimpse of what you have to look forward to. In twenty-one days, Clean changed my body, cleared up my skin, and brightened my eyes. I am now sleeping through the night without clenching or grinding my teeth, and this has eliminated my need for a night guard. My chronic TMJ pain is gone. I would have done the cleanse for this benefit alone. I feel more rested and positive. Clean has helped me form a new relationship with food, and it has opened my eyes to what true health is.

I am now on day forty. I have changed very little in my diet since my initial twenty-one-day cleanse because I feel so wonderful! Clean is so simple and effective! I love it! What a great gift. I never thought it would be possible, nor did I ever think I could be capable of breaking my cravings and dependencies. Fernando visited me three years ago from Uruguay on the recommendation of my sister. He was diagnosed with a condition called fatty liver. In many cases this condition is associated with alcohol consumption, but Fernando did not drink. He was warned that he might need a liver transplant.

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  5. After the appointment, his doctors sent him home and asked to see him in a few months to check his liver function and to monitor the progress of his disease. Fernando flew to the States and stayed with me for three weeks. When I first saw him, he was slightly overweight, looked older than his age, and reported being extremely low in energy. I recognized the problem immediately and started him on the Clean Program.

    I explained that his liver was retaining fat to defend itself from the irritation of toxic chemicals.

    Clean -- Expanded Edition

    His body was experiencing a significant toxic overload and the fat, which had developed as a defense mechanism around the liver, was slowly destroying it. A healthy liver regulates fat metabolism, is the primary fat-burning organ in the body, and is where the bulk of the critical detoxification work occurs.

    A fatty liver stores fat when it should be burning it and removing it from the body. Storing more and more fat, the liver is soon unable to function and toxins accumulate. If the cause of symptoms is not found, the severely compromised liver will have serious consequences for long-term health. Fernando was an ideal patient and closely followed the Clean Program.

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    Within a few days he started feeling better and by the time he left he had lost close to twenty pounds, his lethargy had completely disappeared, and he looked many years younger. As soon as he returned home, he visited his doctor for new blood tests and a liver scan.

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    His doctor initially had told him not to come in as it was too early to re-test, that nothing could have changed enough to make a difference in such a short period of time. But Fernando insisted. Fernando told the doctor about Clean, and the doctor asked for a copy of the book in Spanish. Fernando called to tell me the good news and said, Please, you have to translate the book into Spanish. Your country needs it. With coming to an end, another full circle has completed in my life.

    After being translated into thirteen languages, Clean has just been translated into Spanish, my mother tongue, and printed in Uruguay, where I was born. I was invited to appear in two of their most popular TV shows and at a conference that was organized for me to present the new Spanish version.

    At the end of the conference many of the people there lined up to congratulate me and ask me to sign their books.

    Clean - Expanded Edition by Alejandro Junger - Book - Read Online

    Fernando was there and as we hugged he thanked me for such a life-transforming experience. Incredible stories continue to flood in from around the globe. But not only did they reverse their diseased conditions; in the process these individuals took unwanted weight off, found new energy, and looked younger than they ever imagined. Such is the case with Kathy, who called me from Copenhagen for a second opinion. She started experiencing back pain and was given painkillers and sent to a back specialist for further evaluation.

    There, she underwent X-rays that did not show any bone structure problems but revealed a shadow on the right side, near her lower vertebrae. A CT scan confirmed it, and a sonogram showed that she had a cyst growing in her right ovary. Kathy was told that the cyst was pressing on a nerve and causing her back pain. She was referred to a surgeon who wanted to operate right away. The surgeon explained that nothing else would help.

    She was wary of a transfusion because one of her best friends had been given contaminated blood during a transfusion and had been infected with CMV cytomegalovirus. Seeking alternatives, Kathy contacted me. After listening to her story and reviewing her labs, I told her that it may well be true that surgery would be needed. I asked her not to cancel the surgery, but instead to start the Clean Program immediately, while she was waiting the six days until the procedure. She started the program right away and did so meticulously.

    By the third day on the program, her back pain started to improve. Please obtain a new Access Token on the plugin's Settings page. If you continue to have an issue with your Access Token then please see this FAQ for more information. It compiles 12 of my favourite lunch recipes, hacks for avoiding the afternoon sugar snack and tips and tricks for having a happy, healthy lunch time. Email address:. We use cookies on this site.

    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)
    Clean (Expanded Edition) Clean (Expanded Edition)

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