Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2

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Tome 62 , pp. Intersection theory of moduli space of stable n -pointed curves of genus zero , Trans. On the tautological ring of M g , Invent. Three questions in Gromov-Witten theory , Higher Ed. II Beijing, , pp. The structure of the tautological ring in genus one Preprint, arXiv The tautological ring of M 1 , n c t , Ann.

Fourier Grenoble , Tome The tautological ring of the moduli space M 2 , n r t Preprint, arXiv Informations for the authors Submit. Subscribe Subscription prices Colloquiums. Articles to appear Browse issues. Between and.

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[alg-geom/] Equations Defining Toric Varieties

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Saito and N.

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  7. Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995.
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    Sir Michael Atiyah - From Algebraic Geometry to Physics - a Personal Perspective [2010]

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    Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2 Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2
    Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2 Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2
    Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2 Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2
    Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2 Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2
    Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2 Algebraic Geometry Santa Cruz 1995, Part 2

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