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Each criterion was measured with specific indicators such as the number of company headquarters, universities, TV channels, sporting events, or embassies. In order to rise in these rankings, some cities have launched major cultural projects, like the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong or the Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, where billions of dollars were invested to concentrate several world-class cultural institutions.

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Urban space. The culture of cities manifests itself in the materiality of streets, buildings, or signs.

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Urban space is also the site of multiple rites and practices that range from spirituality and artistic performances to daily life. Therefore, we will be questioning how cities control, regulate, and transform urban space. Which identity do they promote, who is included and excluded? They seem to reflect a process of global homogenization of culture.

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But at the same time they are also key centres where identities can be put into question. We will see how museums can take advantage of the diversity surrounding them. We will discuss whether new models are appearing in emerging global cities. We will talk about the rise of cities as centres for movie production.

Global cities: A short history

American movies produced in Hollywood have dominated the global landscape for almost a century. How can new voices emerge? What do you view as signs of homogenization of global culture in contemporary cities? We use cookies to give you a better experience. Search Search. Globalizing cities. This brings us back to some of the questions that we will raise during this week: Do global cities accentuate cultural homogenization?

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What is their impact on global culture? This book broadens the scholarly discussion of global cities and offers important insights into the interpretation of local and global processes in a wide range of settings. By concentrating on the details, the authors have liberated us from the glosses of the global cities literature and prepared us to revise our generalizations.

The debate they have opened will engage us for at least the next decade. His current research focuses on the links between spatial segregation, social exclusion and the development of cities. He has published widely on these subjects. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Housing and the Built Environment.

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Editor s : Peter Marcuse Ronald van Kempen. First published: 1 January About this book This exciting collection of original essays provides students and professionals with an international and comparative examination of changes in global cities, revealing a growing pattern of social and spatial division or polarization. Reviews "This book is a welcome addition to the rapidly growing literature on global cities The individual contributors remain closely on-message and the editors are to be commended for providing a very clear statement of the central argument and for distilling the arguments into a comprehensive and convincing conclusion

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  • Global cities: A short history!
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities
Globalizing Cities Globalizing Cities

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