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A brief history of the Wolof

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Why learn Wolof? If you are interested in learning an African language, Wolof is a good choice. There is a variety of learning materials available, and you can find music, films and some literature in Wolof.

Words in Wolof to Know if you Visit Senegal

The basics are not very difficult, and you will quickly learn enough in order to communicate. The Wolof language is the key to the country. You can get by in Senegal in French, but knowing Wolof will make your experience more rewarding.

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  • English is not widely understood. Wolof is also spoken in the Gambia and southern Mauritania, as well as by a large Senegalese diaspora.

    Wolof - Wiktionary

    Do you want to understand the lyrics of the songs of Youssou N'Dour? Why learn Wolof in Saint-Louis?

    1. Wolof Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS >>.
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    4. Words in Wolof to Know if you Visit Senegal • Blogue des volontaires.
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    In picturesque and peaceful Saint-Louis, everything is close at hand - in contrast to the bustle and traffic jams of Dakar. On the other hand, there are enough things going on in town to keep you busy. English Wikipedia has an article on: Wolof people.

    Revue de presse rfm en wolof du Mercredi 25 Septembre 2019 présentée avec Assane Gueye

    English Wikipedia has an article on: Wolof language. English Wikipedia has an article on: Jolof Empire.


    English Wikipedia has an article on: Jolof Kingdom. English Wikipedia has an article on: jollof rice. Wolof edition of Wiktionary. Oxford University Press Oxford , Categories : English terms derived from Wolof English 2-syllable words English terms with IPA pronunciation English lemmas English proper nouns English terms with historical senses English nouns English countable nouns English indeclinable nouns English nouns with irregular plurals en:Ethnonyms en:Languages.

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